How it Works for Care Workers & Staff

Download the app

You can download the app to your phone or tablet using the App Store for Apple Devices or Google Play for Android devices

Register with facilities

Register with as many care facilities in your area as you like – You will need to be able to demonstrate to those facilities that you have the relevant training and documentation required to fulfil the duties requested

Apply for shifts

The PickaShift app will notify you as soon as an available shift is loaded on to the system. You can then chose to either claim the shift straight away or wait until the hourly rate increases. Be aware though, if you wait too long someone else may snap up the shift.

Receive Payment

You will be paid the rate you have claimed directly by the care facility you have carried out the shift for, in line with their regular payroll processes

PickaShift for Care Workers, Nurses & Staff

Choose the shifts that suit you & earn extra money

If you are a full or part time employee at a care facility PickaShift can quickly alert you to shifts that have come up at short notice. You can then choose to either claim that shift at the advertised rate or wait and see if the hourly rate goes up. As the time ticks closer to the start of the shift, it is likely that the rate will increase. Be wary though, if you wait too long someone else may claim the shift before you.

The app also keeps a record of extra shifts you have done and how much you have earned.

Simply download the app from the Applestore or Google Play, register with your chosen homes and start claiming your extra shifts.


Start Earning!

How PickAShift works for you…

You will need to register with the homes that you want to pick up shifts for. Simply apply through the app and you will be contacted to attend a short interview. If you already work at that location you will not need to re-interview. Once your registration has been approved you will be free to pick up extra shifts from that facility. Using PickaShift means that all members of staff will be offered the exact same rate to fill that shift

Watch our demo which shows how easy it is to start using PickaShift.

Watch Our Video!

This step-by-step video will show you just how easy it is to start using PickaShift to choose the extra shifts that suit you.

Claiming a shift couldn't be more simple

Just find a shift which suits you and claim it!…

After you have registered with your chosen facilities and had your application approved you will be able to claim as many extra shifts as you like, so long as you have had a sufficient rest period between shifts


Login to App, complete registration and interview with facility.

Claim shift

Browse the latest shifts in your area and claim the shift you want.

Carry out the shift

Complete the selected shift


You will be paid via the facility’s normal payroll

Available on App Store and Google Play

Simply register with your chosen homes and start claiming your shifts!