How it Works for Service Providers


Register your home or facility with the PickaShift team. Once your registration is complete we will send you log in details to access our shift portal

Log In

Log in to our easy-to-use shift portal and upload your available shifts

Wait for shift to be claimed

Once your available shifts are live on the Pickashift app a pool of registered care workers and staff nurses in the area will receive a notification. They can then choose to claim the shift at an increasingly favourable rate and you will be notified immediately when it has been filled

PickAShift for Service Providers

Finding quality staff while saving time & money

If you are the owner of a care facility then you will know just how expensive using agency staff can be and also how frustrating it can be trying to contact staff when a shift suddenly needs filled because of illness or other reasons. PickaShift can help. By simply uploading a form all of those staff who have downloaded the app are immediately alerted and can choose to claim the shift.

By offering those who have downloaded the app a more favourable rate it encourages them to claim the shift and in the process reduces the risk of paying expensive agency fees. It also provides an equitable way of keeping staff happy by ensuring all applicable staff are offered the same rate to pick up the shift.

To start using PickaShift simply register your details with us and we will send you access to a special website where available shifts can be uploaded and published.

Get Started!

Register your facility with PickaShift…

To start using PickaShift simply provide us with the details of your care facility and we will be in touch to explain in more detail how the app works and give you access to our easy-to-use shift upload website. You are just a few clicks away from saving yourself the time and money associated with having to manually fill vacant shifts!

Watch Our Service Provider Video!

This informative video will give you a step-by-step guide through the whole process of registering your facility with PickaShift, using our unique shift filling portal, and revolutionising how you fill shifts.

FIlling your shifts couldn't be more simple

How to start filling your shifts…


Login to shift portal.

Add Shift

Add shift for which you require cover and state maximum hourly rate.


Once the shift is filled, you will be notified.


Staff to be paid via your normal payroll methods

Spread the Word

The more people you tell about the app the bigger the pool of staff there will be bidding for your shift!