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PickaShift is an innovative app connecting care workers and their employers in residential and nursing homes.

Below you will find the answers to some questions you may have about how the app works. If your question isn’t covered please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

What is PickaShift?

PickaShift is an innovative app connecting care workers and their employers in residential and nursing homes. It informs staff quickly about shifts that have become available at short notice and encourages them to bid for those shifts at an increasingly favourable rate until it is claimed.In the process the home saves valuable time and money by avoiding lengthy periods ringing staff and of course saves much more by avoiding expensive agency fees.

Why use PickaShift?

Care worker:

If you are a full or part time employee at a care facility PickaShift can quickly alert you to shifts that have come up at short notice. You can then choose to claim the shift. The app also keeps a record of extra shifts you have done and how much you have earned.

The app is also valuable to people who have left full time for whatever reason and favour occasional shifts.

Service Provider:

If you are the owner of a care facility then you will know just how expensive using agency staff can be and also how frustrating it can be trying to contact staff when a shift suddenly needs filled because of illness or other reasons. PickaShift can help. By simply uploading a form all of those staff who have downloaded the app are immediately alerted and can choose to claim the shift. By offering those who have downloaded the app a more favourable rate it encourages them to bid for the shift and in the process reduces the risk of paying expensive agency fees.

How do I get PickaShift?

Both homeowner and staff members can simply download the app from the Applestore or Google Play. Staff will be asked to register with the home or homes of their choice and can do this through the app. Shifts must be uploaded from a special website so if you are a homeowner you can register your interest on PickaShiftapp.com and we will send you a code to allow you to access the PickaShift software.

Costs & Payment

Does PickaShift cost?

Downloading the app is free for staff. Pickashift attracts a monthly fee per home. But remember you’ve saved time and money using PickaShift by avoiding long periods trying to ring round staff and of course saved much more by avoiding that expensive agency fee.

Does PickaShift pay me?

No. Pickashift simply informs you of upcoming shifts. You tell the home you are working for that you want that shift and because you have registered with them and are on their payroll you receive your payment from them.

How many care facilities can I sign up to?

Really that is up to you. You will have to register with each care facility separately though. As long you are accepted by them PickaShift will send you details of shifts from a range of care facilities that have authorised you.

PickAShift is different to any other rota app on the market

…download it yourself to start to revolutionise the way you fill and pick up shifts.

Spread the Word

The more people you tell about the app the bigger the pool of staff there will be bidding for your shift!