About us

In a nutshell...

PickaShift is an innovative app connecting care workers and their employers in residential and nursing homes.

It informs staff quickly about shifts that have become available at short notice and encourages them to pick up those shifts at an increasingly favourable rate until it is claimed. In the process the home saves valuable time and money by avoiding lengthy periods ringing staff and of course saves much more by avoiding expensive agency fees.

Everyday problems for Nursing Homes

Cut costs and increase productivity

The idea of the PickaShift App was developed in direct response to the growing pressures that nursing and residential homes have found themselves being placed under due to a growing ageing population and the scarcity of supply of staff.

Against the backdrop of pressured budgets, along with the strength of agency in the market, homecare businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and increase productivity. By helping to cut down on the administration process, and also providing an alternative to expensive agency fees, Pickashift can help address these issues and provide significant savings.

Allowing more flexibility for workers

Built with care workers and staff nurses in mind

Alongside helping to relieve the pressure on care providers, PickaShift was also built with the care workers and staff nurses in mind. Allowing for flexibility for workers who are gradually returning to employment after a career break, allowing staff to pick up extra shifts when it is suitable for them and to earn extra money, PickaShift was designed to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Those behind the app have  years of experience of management in the care industry and are expertly placed to assess the current and ongoing needs of fellow care providers.

PickaShift is different to any other rota app on the market

…download it yourself to start to revolutionise the way you fill and pick up shifts.

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The more people you tell about the app the bigger the pool of staff there will be bidding for your shift!